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Whether you are moving out, planning a big party, or you simply do not want to deal with the chore and hassle of house cleaning or even apartment cleaning. MC Cleaning Solutions makes sure your house continues to feel like a home.

We specialize in residential and commercial cleaning, and we continuing to strive to enhance and provide quality services. We are dedicated to serving our clients, providing customer service and our on-site and on-hands cleaning approach to exceed our customers expectations.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is part of the commitment to our customers – we want our customers to be satisfied with the work we perform, and we welcome feedback to help us increase customer satisfaction. We want to know any issues as well as what you enjoy about our services in order for us to improve our business and keep our customers satisfied.

M&C Cleaning Solutions backs all of it’s services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the work that we have performed please call within 24 hours of the job and we willgo back and redo it at no additional charge.

Residential cleaning service


– Remove cobwebs
– Sweep & Mop floor
– Spot clean outside of cabinets
– Clean baseboards (as needed)
– Clean Stove Hood
– Vacuum or Sweep kitchen rug as needed
– Clean outside/on top of refrigerator
– Clean and polish sink & faucet
– Clean the outside of all appliances
– Empty Trash Clean Trashcan as needed
– Clean in/outside of microwave
– Wipe down all windowsills
– Clean counter tops
– Wipe down ceiling fans
– Clean exterior of stove
– Wipe down all lights switches

– Clean mirrors
– Clean exterior of all vanities
– Clean sinks
– Polish faucet
– Spot clean the outside of cabinets
– Spot clean the door on both sides
– Clean soap, toothbrush holder
– Clean toilet (behind as well)
– Clean tub & shower
– Remove cobwebs
– Clean baseboards & Floors
– Organize bath towels
– Folded tip toilet paper
– Wipe down all windowsills

Living Areas/Dining Room
– Dust all horizontal surfaces
– Vacuum/mop wood floors
– Vacuum/Mop tile
– Remove cobwebs
– Wipe down all windowsills
– Clean sliding glass doors
– Straighten up / pick-up
– Clean all glass & mirrors
– Wipe down ceiling fans

– Dust all horizontal surfaces
– Straighten up / pick-up
– Wipe down ceiling fans
– Vacuum and/or Mop tile and wood floors
– Make all beds
– Clean all glass and mirrors


Commercial Office Cleaning Services

We know that your time is valuable and a clean office or company is important to you. That is why we provide fast, reliable commercial cleaning services at affordable prices. You can rely on our supervised team of cleaning professionals to treat your office with care. Because your satisfaction is important to us, we back up all of our work.

Productivity Soars When Dirt Disappears

A clean office works wonders. It keeps employees happy and motivated and makes a great impression on guests and clients.

Our Office Cleaning Services Include:
– Trash Removal
– Vacuuming or Mopping/Polishing (when applicable)
– Complete Interior Dusting
– Restroom Cleaning and Santizing
– Window and Glass Cleaning
– Dispensing Paper Products
– Stainless Steel Cleaning
– Clean doors and trim (baseboards and door trim)
– Desks and Cabinets
– Outdoor Walkway Sweeping


Pos constructions Clean:

General Throughout:

Remove all evidence of construction (dust) from baseboards, cabinetry inside/out, sills, doors, and fixtures.

Wash tile & grout, mirrors, sinks, remove stickers from new fixtures.

Kitchen/ Eating/ Break Areas:
Vacuum and wipe inside cabinetry and polish exterior, remove plastic from appliances and wipe.

Vacuum or mop, remove any paint drops left behind from painters.

Clean in/out, trim around frame removing excess drywall mud and stickers.